Uno is a great game if you have xbox live.

User Rating: 7.5 | Uno X360
I didn't really enjoy playing this game till i have the gold membership for xbox live. I try playing the single player mode and it is plain boring, not much fun. I mean playing Uno with the AI? thanks, i would rather invite my friends to my house, gather together and play Uno with them.

At first, i thought this game is just boring but i was wrong, once i got gold membership, i started to put the Uno disk in the disk tray and started playing online. After a few rounds playing with unknown people from xbox live and chatting with them, i started to get a little addicted to this game. It is funny to caught people who forgot to say "UNO", giving them draw four when they are about to win and challenging them which backfire when they give you a draw four card. The game of Uno is very unpredictable, anyone could win the game if they are lucky.

The graphics for this game is pretty good, umm....really nothing much, i mean what graphics do u expect to see in a Uno game? Oh well, maybe i should say the visual is pretty, i like the animation. You can use your avatar in this game and also download different Uno card deck. The music is just great, it is just relaxing and it fits really well when playing the game. Achievement for this game is really easy to get, so it is good for those achievements hunters. This game is a little bit repetitive though.

Design: 8.0
Sounds: 8.5
Visuals: 8.0
Gameplay: 8.0
Achievements: 8.5
Overall: 7.5 (Good) "Online, 8.0 (Great), Single player 6.5 (Fair)"

If you have nothing much to do and you just want to have fun online, it is worth getting this game.