Good for a party game, but the single player... eh.

User Rating: 6.5 | Uno X360
Uno came out a while ago. Its exactly what it sounds like, a game based of the the Uno card game. You try to match cards by color or number. If you run out of cards you win! The games not that bad.. on multiplayer. Single player is boring! A. The computers are dumb as rocks. B. Its not fun to trash talk on single player. C. Its supposed to be for more then one person. The multiplayer is pretty fun though. Play with up to 4 people with optional Xbox Live vision cam. Try to beat them, etc. The game is easy gamerscore. Very easy. Most of my friends on xbox live have over 100 gamerscore on it. So, its easy for gamerscore. Bad news, eventually, you'll get bored of it. Its the same thing over and over.. Its not too fun after a while. But its a fun time for a while. Just don't expect it to be your favorite Xbox 360 game.