Not fun.

User Rating: 3 | Uno X360
Uno has to be the most uninspired game to ever be lauded with praise. Besides setting up the rules there is usually little you can do to directly effect the outcome of the game. If you've played the Uno card game, this is just like it less the interaction with your friends, as most of the time you're playing against strangers.

That said there are a few pluses to this version. The downloadable decks are all great additions to the game. They add a little depth and a little style, but if you don't really like the original game they wont change that. The other nice thing is the use of the Vision Camera. it creates a more social environment where otherwise people would just sit there and tap the A button occasionally. If you don't want the camera on though you can turn it off. The other nice thing is force plays, but the just makes it so you could really just put the controller down and let the game play itself.

Seriously though, this game is not fun. It is like going into an internet chatroom that has a pack of uno cards. Its not a fun game and really not much of a game at all.