Though it doesn't take much skill to play, Uno is a fun game for everyone!

User Rating: 8.2 | Uno X360
Here is my review of Uno for Xbox 360 on Xbox Live Arcade:

GAMEPLAY - Uno is not a challenging or hard game by any means, but strategy is key to winning the game. It plays just like the original card game we know and love and it also translate bluffing into the game very well.

There is no point in playing single-player really, unless you hate to play with other people. The online multiplayer is solid and very fun. There is no noticeable lag what so ever. The TrueSkill ranking system is excellent, and ranked matches are done very well by pitting you with people of your same skill. Uno also supports the Xbox Live Vision cam.

GRAPHICS - Nothing much to say about graphics. It looks just like Uno.

SOUND - Probably the worst thing about this game is the music. It isn't that great, especially when you play with the 35th anniversary deck, and the music sometimes gets cut-off when your playing with the PGR3 themed deck online.

VALUE - All I can say is this game is most definitely worth $5 or 400 MS points. The best purchase you will ever make on Xbox Live Arcade. Go and get it!

In conclusion, Uno is just plain fun. It's fun for everyone. A very relaxing and recreational game. The community is great, lots of nice people playing online. So what are you waiting for? Go and get Uno now!