Almost a no-brainer buy for XBL Gold members.

User Rating: 8.5 | Uno X360
How good your Uno experience will be depends on whether you play the game online or offline. The offline game is incredibly slow-paced, the AI players take way too long to play and there's just no interaction between players beside the card playing itself. The online experience, on the other hand, is surprisingly a thousand times better. Playing against real people online really makes this game just as fun as playing with your friends on your living room. It is very easy to setup an online match or find a room that suits your gaming preferences. The downloadable content is also great. Not only do they add new looks to the boring default table setup, they also add new cards that really make the game a lot more interesting. And the best part is that you don't need to have any of the DLC to enjoy it, all it takes it that the person hosting the game does. All in all, Uno for the Xbox 360 is a great game, a definite recommendation for anybody that either:

- has Xbox Live Gold;
- wants to find some online friends;
- is looking for a quick game to play.

The only thing refraining me from giving this game a 9.0 is that, to me, it didn't have much replay value. I've played it for no more than 10 hours and, now that I've gotten all the achievements for this game, I can't imagine myself putting my hands on it again. But I'm not a big fan of card games anyway...