Fun with no Rummy

User Rating: 8.5 | Uno PS3
I picked this up for 3.99 on the psn. and i am pleasantly suprised. i love how i can pick it up and enjoy one or two game against people. you can have up to 6 people in the game and there are rules i have never played with before.

I love the new game play. there is so many different rules. if you pick this up you need to play the tournement levels first. it is 15 rounds.but it explains the new rules for players that have never seen that before. it helped me out alot.So when i got play over the network i was not trying to figure out everything. you can use your headset to talk junk to the other players and so on.

another thing you can do is challeng people when they drop a draw four. if the player that lad the draw has the color that he is changing away from in their hand and is challenged that player draws 4 and the next player goes but with the new color. but if you challeng and lose the challeng then you draw 6.

plus you can play a game that 0 rotates each persons hand to the next person. and 7s let you take the other players hand and give them yours.

and there is another thing if you have the same card you can throw it anytime. the last 3 rules can be turned off .and before i forget you can turn a rule on if someone lays a draw 2 on a draw 2 the next player has to draw 4

all in all for 3.99 you cannot go wrong. cheap but very fun. come on it is almost the same price as a gallon of gas