A bit of fun

User Rating: 8 | Uno X360
This is a very addicting game which will make you play for hours of fun. A very relaxing game to play after your hard working day. Its just a bit of fun. A downside to this game is that it can get very repetitive after a few hours. Apart from this there is not a lot of downsides. The multiplayer option is not as good as the single player option because multiplayer can get very laggie but if you want to play multiplayer you can. If you like shooting games or action games this is not really the game for you. If you like the competitive games which do not contain any violence this the game for you. It is just like the real game Uno. Another downside is that the game will eventually get boring, it may not for you. This game contains no rude words or violence so children can play it. This is the end of the review.