Fun, but the community is severely lacking...

User Rating: 8.1 | Uno X360
I recently brought the Xbox Live Vision Cam for my 360 and received UNO as a free download. Firing up the game, I made my way to the options to fine-tune the camera (which is excellently supported in this game).
To get myself accustomed to the game, I tried a few hands on the SP mode. Nice, presentable graphics illustrate the gameplay in a relaxed atmosphere. The game in general, has a very laid-back vibe- with a few moments of 'WTF?' when your opponents screw you over with some wildcards.

The music has an option to be lowered in volume, all the way to zero, which is highly recommended.

Online however, is a festering cesspool of teenage inadequates, desperate to cuss at strangers and participate in general unsavory activities on camera, all with the general protection of internet anonymity. Despite this being a family game, this could be no further from reality when you take this game online.

As a free download, my complaints are minimal (for the game itself). It does a fine job of providing a decent and occasionally addictive diversion, with excellent support for the Vision Cam. However, when it comes to the online game?