UNO on the Xbox 360? Madness, But fun.

User Rating: 7.1 | Uno X360
Who's crazy idea was this!? Uno on the Xbox 360? Surprisingly however its great fun and arguably one of the best games on Live Arcade.

Its a bright and colourful game that is great to look at and due to (mostly payed for) downloadable content, There is plenty of room to change the playing field and deck of cards.

I think the best thing you can say about the graphics is that they are all you would want from a game of Uno on the system.

Like above the sound is just as you would expect, you get your card shuffling and your 'Uno!' chime when you well... have one card left. The music is relaxing but irritating at the same time, I mean what kind of music would suit Uno?

Luckily to make up for this the game supports custom soundtracks so you can listen to whatever you fancy. There is also an option to just turn the music off entirely and still be able to hear sound from the cards themselves. Which tends to suit the game better as thats how cards are generally played in real life.

The game plays just as you would expect, You select your card wait for everybody else to play theirs and press 'X' when you have Uno or risk being caught out and having to draw a couple of cards.

The only reason you would really want this (or any card/ casino based game on Live) is to play online. It's not that the single player its rubbish it's just why would you want to play single player? it supports the headset so plenty of trashtalk (on Uno?) and also the vision camera. Although a word of warning you WILL se a naked person. It's only a matter of time. Within three hours of playing I saw a....... Well you get the idea.

Unfortunately it doesn't support offline multiplayer on one hand this is kind of sensible as you could see each others cards but it's still worth mentioning.

The achievements are fairly simple to get. Minus the one where you have to 'bluff' All of the achievements will eventually be gained through normal play. The win 40 times one will take you a long time as Uno is based on luck rather than skill so you may never get that one depending on your lucky stars.

The theme of this review is generally is that Uno for the Xbox 360 is all you would want from a game of Uno on the Xbox 360. Thats good for all you Uno fans out there. But however insanely addictive the game is, there isn't a lot of action to interest most people. At 400 points it isnt a full priced game and rightly so, If you like a bit of fun and easy achievements then by all means get Uno, but this isn't going to interest everyone.