I can't believe I spent two bucks on this piece of monkey dung.

User Rating: 1 | Unlimited Saga (Collector's Edition) PS2
I should've known from the price that it was going to be **** But something in me, that love for square enix's games just made me buy it. Boy do I regret it. The controls are horrible! The only way I was able to attack was button mashing and then throwing my controller out of frustration. I mean come on guys. Alot of your other games are pretty good. Decent at the least, enjoyable even. This....this was just a disgrace. Oh and how you moved your character, oh don't get me started with that. There is a little statue and you move it in the direction you want to go....talk about lazy. For a game on the playstation 2 you would expect a little more detail. I understand that this is a game made in 2003 but it is not a valid excuse. I didn't even get past the first level of the game because I could not open a door. I think I might have also dropped the key without even knowing. I don't even know if I picked up the key. There was no

tutorial. If there was then they had a funny way of teaching you how to play the game.

If you see this game pass it up. Definetly not worth all this. Not worth the two dollars I payed.