Despite of the uncontrollable nature of the panel system, this game is just so innovative and intriguing.

User Rating: 8.5 | Unlimited Saga (Collector's Edition) PS2
I have to say I got the same feeling as the one that rate 10 for this game - I just can't believe that most of the players of this game can't realize how interesting this innovative game is.

Yes, the first impression would be a little frustrating, for the learning curve of this game is really a steep one. But once you understand the panel system and be able to catch the rhythm of skill wheel and battle combo, this beautiful game would be one of the most challenging rpg you've ever played.

For the uncontrollable nature of the game's panel system, the heroes in this game would be full of unpredictable possibility which is rarely seen in any other rpgs, and it's quite addctive to me to expect what would those panels be after every map. The skills and magics are diverse so you won't feel boring playing different story line, and you can even choose different type of weapon motions to get different ultimate skills for a type of weapon .

Music, artwork and voice are just right in this game, the 2D background and 3D battle fusion is a really amusing one. The storyline of each hero is kinda weak but if you play 3 or 4 of them you'll find all of those stories actually intertwined with a core event and that's a quite interesting concept of story making for rpg.

This game is challenging, full of possibility and it fuses different elements in role-playing pretty well, I really hope those who hate this game so bad could one day try to accept a new concept of rpg playing.