I still don't get how the game is supposed to work...

User Rating: 1 | Unlimited Saga (Collector's Edition) PS2
So I picked up the game one day at Gamestop, mainly because it was for $5 and it was made by Square. I have heard of the Saga series before, but not about Unlimited Saga specifically.
After I got home, I put it into my PS2, and immediately noticed that it wasn't your everyday RPG...in a bad way. The graphics were not bad, but before you get out into the boardgame-like world map, it's just basically going through text-based dialogs. I was very confused since the beginning, it told me next to nothing about what to do next, and I stayed confused for the next 30 minutes till I turned my PS2 off. The battle system was confusing too, even after I skimmed the instruction booklet. I hear the soundtrack is good in this game, but I never played it long enough to know. It was just too boring.
The next day I went back to Gamestop and got every single I spent on the game back.