Llooking for something that resembles Saga Frontier (PSone)? Go for Romancing Saga (PS2). This one here is crap!

User Rating: 1 | Unlimited Saga (Collector's Edition) PS2
Guys, I got this game just attracted by the name of Saga series... And I regret that. Unlimited Saga is one of the worse RPG that I saw (Forever Kingdom is other crap). I'm am an expertise RPG player, since Master System games; and I can conclude that Unlimited saga is worse than Master System's RPGs.
Well, you are into arts and like RPG's romancing books... maybe Unlimited Saga can get your attention. Well, it's not so boring like Radical Dreamers though (also from Squaresoft). The Squaresoft is full of surprises: one time came with masterpieces like Final Fantasy VII and XII, and also have some craps.
It's a pity that Unlimited Saga doesn't have resemblance to Saga Frontier which I liked much (my nickname Alkaiser came form that game until today). The only game for PS2 nowadays that comes closer to Saga Frontier is the Romancing Saga.
Details: you can't even more your character, every move is pre-determined, like: here, you can choose or up or left. It's a map-point-to-go game.
The battle section seems a little bit normal for RPGs, however it's dull and the roulette parts sucks (doing a sucessfull shot with your gun is almost a miracle)
Could the game story make up for the rest of craps? No, the story too doesn't give impulse at all.
I am really sad for making a negative post like this on a Squaresoft game, however, my conscience tells me that I need to save the other gamers from buying it.
Hopefully, Playstation 2 is still the best console for RPGs games.