I like 99% of RPGs, this game is that one percent! I gave it one because they wouldn't let me rate it a zero.

User Rating: 1 | Unlimited Saga (Collector's Edition) PS2
This is honestly the worst game I have ever played, which comes as somewhat of a shocker considering its made by SquareEnix and comes from the respected Romancing series. And no, its not that people dont like this game because they are not used to the rest of the series. Its because they dont like this game. I have at least 4 friends that I know who have played multiple games in the series and have confirmed that this game is a miserable product. Where to begin, this game sucks so I'd like to keep this review short. I'd say the biggest flaw is this LP/HP system that the developers pulled out of their ass. Long story short, LP is really your HP, and HP is kinda like a shield if you will. If you loss HP as you get attacked, then there is a stronger chance for you to lose LP, once its zero your dead. LP cannot be increased at any point in the game. And the biggest smack in the face, is the whole system is **** For example, even when a boss has zero HP, you can attack him and he loses no LP; vice versa, you can have your HP maxed out, and lose LP. IMO, its a borderline random roulette wheel. The visual appeal of the game likewise is zero. The battles look okay, but other than that the rest of the game looks like a homemade paper chess board. Honestly, ive seen better graphics on the NES. The story is terrible, and nobody really cares about the characters; even if you manage to trudge through this garabage once I can't see anyone in their "right" mind playing through this game with all 7 or 8 characters. I'll give them this much credit the battle system is unique, but like everything else in this game its too random. And this game has possibly the worst leveling system I have ever seen. This leads to the games possibly because flaw, well i don't know they are all pretty bad, the game itself is a joke and you breeze through it in a few hours and then you get to the last boss and his four glorious forms. Guess what, your **** up the ass, hes hard as hell, you are not prepared for him, and if i remeber correctly the last save point before him is past a point in time where you cannot go back and level up. And the final boss is the most aggregious offender of the LP/HP system.

And just as a side note, from what I remeber there is basically, little to no healing; i think you can heal HP maybe with like one character, maybe a couple of times but thats it. Honestly, I can only recommend this game as a shelf piece to complete a Saga or RPG collection. I would not condemn pedophiles to play this game as punishments. Overall: 0/10
Graphics - 0
Story - 1
Gameplay - 0
Music - 4 (it's okay)
Replayability - 0-2
Collectability - 1, despite being a worthless game, it was so massed printed its not even worth anything.