A great game with some technical issues. But a great game nonetheless.

User Rating: 8.5 | Universe at War: Earth Assault PC
1. Gameplay - Well the gameplay is pretty much like any RTS games, but still quite different. You can control 1 of 3 different factions - Novus, Hierarchy and the Masari. The Novus are a race of Robotic creatures. Their creators had been destroyed by the Hierarchy and they are following them in their wake of destruction to avenge their creators (pretty strange feeling for a robot). Novus units are cheap and they recycle scrap metal for their resources. A major part of Novus strategy is "flow". Flow is like electricity. You need a flow generator to power all Novus structures (other than the generator itself). The flow generator creates a radius around itself, and in this radius all buildings are powered by the generator, in a wireless manner (it is like the buildings are connected to the generator by flow lines, except that the lines themselves are made of flow). However the radius of the generator is very small (I mean like you can only place 1 building in every direction) and the generators are costly. So the Novus worked a way around this. They created flow poles (much like electric poles) that can carry flow to even the most distant parts of the map, if used sequentially. If the flow network is properly made, then the entire map can be encompassed in the flow network. But you may ask why am I so intent on getting the flow to every corner of the map. It is because this flow can also form a very effective battlefield strategy. The flow can be utilized by all Novus units (other than air units) to teleport themselves instantaneously. So if you have built a proper flow network, you can hit an enemy base and provide them with reinforcements at an unimaginable rate.
The next faction is the Hierarchy. They are the main bad guys of the game. The Hierarchy want to establish a universal domination, for which they have come to capture the Earth. The Hierarchy collect resource from anything at hand - scrap, buildings, cows, people, etc. They have a mothership hovering above Earth, and all units and "Walkers" are beamed directly to the battlefield on request. Now the main strategy of the Hierarchy is concentrating on certain special units called Walkers. Walkers are massive structures that serve as a unit producing structure as well as serve for an assault or defense. As the term suggests, they can walk and hence can be brought to battle with the enemies. Walkers have certain key points called Hard Points, but they are not at all that hard. Infact they are the weakest points on the walkers. However, they can upgraded and modified into several objects suiting your style of battle. You might build loads of unit production pods, cost optimizers and teleport accelerators to build up a huge army and attack or you may outfit it with armor and plasma guns and air turrets and radiation stuffs to make them assault vehicles. And the best part is these Hard Points can be changed whenever needed to do so at a minor cost. There are 3 types of walkers - Habitat, they are Light Assault Walkers with Medium Armor capable of producing basic infantry; Assembly Walker, they are Heavy Assault Walkers with Heavy Armor and can produce vehicles and spacecrafts; Science Walkers, they are light weight, non assault walkers with minimal armor. Their power remains with the cascade reactors, that can produce a massive amount of deadly radiation, mind and machine control magnets, that can control units and vehicles respectively and enormous anti-air capabilities.
The third race are the Masari. They are a god like race and were the creators of the Hierarchy. They were betrayed by their creations and hence had to take refuge on Earth. After helping mankind to progress, they sank down to the ocean-bed, leaving behind with mankind their legacy as myths of Gods and Goddesses. Because of the war between the Hierarchy and the Novus, they had been aroused from their deep slumber. The Masari units are the costliest in the game. They don't require any substance to create their resource from. Their strategy is based on use of dark and light energy. In Dark mode, all units gather over time an extra amount of energy known as DMA. This acts a shield, much like that of Master Chief in Halo. So if a unit is hit, the DMA decreases, but his health remains intact. Infact the DMA regenerates over time. Also in Dark Mode the speed of the units are increased. However in Dark Mode, the attack power and line of sight are reduced. Also all flying units are grounded to become normal infantry. In Light Mode, there is no DMA, hence any damage taken by the unit is a damage to the health. However, the LOS is increased as is the attack power.
There are some issues with the gameplay. Sometimes, clicking on a unit doesn't register, but another unit may be selected. Another issue is the camera and zoom, which cannot be zoomed out beyond a certain level. As a result, the entire battlefield can't be viewed. Moreover, when Walkers move onto the battle field, there is no way you can see through them. Otherwise the game is feast.

2. Story - The hierarchy attack the Earth, and the Novus follow them here. The Novus attack the Hierarchy and prepare to fall back but all their plans fail. The story next shows of a rebellion amongst the Hierarchy, with the rebels finally failing. In the middle of the rebellion, the Masari are awakened. When the Hierarchy leader Kamal R'Ex captures the Masari prince, the Queen if the Masari initiates a worldwide attack on the Hierarchy, allying with the remnant Humans and the Novus.

3. Graphics - The graphics of the game are pretty demanding as many have pointed out. But they have wrongly criticized it. With all of its demands met, the game can give you experience like no other. My fellow colleagues, however say that the game demands high graphics and without them the game looks awful. Well that is true, but I would advise them to try upgrading their systems to get a better experience.

4. Music - A pretty catchy music, but nothing more than that. There are however a set of corny dialogs by the Human General Randal Moore. Listening to his corny lines made my ears sore. For that General I would deduct 1 mark from my score of 9.5.

A good game and a must have for Sci-Fi RTS fans