U@W is pretty nice but it costs to play online.

User Rating: 7.5 | Universe at War: Earth Assault PC
Universe at War is a nice RTS thats unique. I have never seen anything like it before. And let me say it has some good action in it if you are looking for something new.

It probably wont stand up against any of the CnC games or have the power to stand up to starcraft 2, but its still a good game.

The units are very different from what people have seen in other RTSes. Its like a movie. They fire and run at same time. Very crazy and cool. But It takes a good computer to run the game. Im not sure why but it does. The interface of the game is cool. Shows each races own lil badge when you go to choose the race you like.

The buildings to build units and vehicles are huge and I am not sure if there is a repair building option. I looked several times but everything was so dag gon different I couldn't find the stinking button. So many lil buttons that don't have a good stand out or labels that help me understand whats going on. And if you are fighting a computer... they in your face in the matter of the 1st 2-5 mins. before you know whats going on.

They have a talent tree like window that is pretty nice but you have to remember the right sequence for your favorite purchases through that tree in order to be good at this game. Because each tree as a unit you get or a special ability but there is no labels or anything to help you make a choice.

The single player missions are cool and fluid like. They keep you on your toes like other RTSes. But the game is so unique and new you would need to play a good 4 hours unless you read the rule book or looked at the in-game video tutorials. Yes i did say in-game video tutorials. Its like a built in-youtube.

Only biff i have about this game is the fact that you have to have windows live or something like that to run this game online against other players which probably would cost something to setup seeing how on the front of the box when you buy this game it gives you a 30 day trial.

Its a good game but i'm not sure I would enjoy it as much as starcraft 2. Maybe someone else will. It has good potential but its not what Id thought it would be. But still a good game.