Nice addition to any fan of RTS

User Rating: 9.5 | Universe at War: Earth Assault X360
Very Balanced Units, factions are so different at times will leave you overwhelmed. Too many ways to count, to customize, and alter your battle stradegy. Even in the middle of a battle. Multiplayer is solid, Global assualt by far the nicest feature for any RTS to date. Controller scheme and layout, makes controlling units a breeze should have it down in about 30min. Runs at a slower pace than other RTS games, which i found refreshing, with new controller scheme less time is spent on, move the cursor all over the map to try and find a specific unit or group. HUGE maps and with over 25 of them will keep you coming back for more, unique way of generating economy is always good for a laugh. Mini-Map for fast travel, and birds eye view of the entire map, is a nice addition to the RTS genre. Campaign mode could have been a little longer, and menu printing was too small to see on a SD TV, at times even on an HD display. Which can make it challenging to see what certain structure or uprade will do. Once in a while the game will slow down for no apparent reason, but not often enough for it to annoy me. Overall this game does not disappoint, infact the opposite, was hesitant at first to pick it up, but i am glad i did. Diamond in the rough, my favorite RTS for the console to date.

have fun see you on the battlefield