Its not all alien to me!! A different game worth looking at

User Rating: 7 | Universe at War: Earth Assault PC
Oh no an alien force is threating my very existance, better send in captain who ever he is!!!

I picked this beauty up for 2 quid off amazon!! Now your probably thinking "uh oh!!" but you'de be wrong!! This is an absolute gem!!

From the beginning its clear that i needed more power from my pc, ide like to point out im pretty rusty when it comes to pc's. However i took it to work where the power houses of electronic wizardry are, and still it struggled on an industrial pc!! But changing the graphics to a medium detail and speed setting was the answer. What you lose in this you gain in action and mayhem.

The "locals" where a bit slow in pace and some of the loading times where a bit dodgey, graphics on a low setting still looked ok but i think i needed a larger card, its minimum pentium 2.8, which i have and beyond!! As long as it looks ok, i'm more of an "action man!!

What really surprised me was the action was still very much happening. Plenty of fresh and interesting enemies to face, not the usual rts style, obviously there are some similarieites, but it was nice to be faced with a huge one eyed robot things!! and plenty more, you have a "hero" in every mission who you must keep alive. This is actually quite a twist, most of your army have the usual secondary fire, but it has a "sega" arcade feel to it, like you ve just walked into blackpool arcade for the day!! For an rts this makes the action very balanced and a joy to play.You get a real sense that earth is indeed under attack, with varied eenemies coming for you from the start.

Graphically, at the lowest setting the screen was filled with colour and destruction. Enemies are responsive to you and will attack accordingly, the sound is brilliant, with a "war" style background noise, planes flying over and my favourite loads of ufo activity from above, awesome!!

The variety of missions, factions (light people that travell along wires??) and pure origionality of this game will not dissapoint, if your a rts fan, but even if your not this is a true "sega" style action/arcade game transfered somehow quite nicely to a rts.

There's plenty of video nasties we ve come to love. parliment blowing up and loads of green men poncing around with their "ray" guns!! armies giving wild orders!!

I have to say playing it at work has reulted in me taking quite a while to finish it, which on reflection of this review could cause some confusion in how i can review it, but non the less i am still playing through this and i can highly recommenr it. I ve had it a while now but what ive played i ve really enjoyed.

As ive said i normally stay away from pc, but since my xbox blew up i wanted UNIVERSE AT WAR on that system. It would have been different to see how they adapted it for the console market, but for 2 of my english pounds (including postage) who wouldnt have a go!!

I recommend you do too!!! Definetly worth a look just for the sheer laughter and different style (sort of) in a rts. Theyre are plenty to choose from i know, i just really liked the look and idea of this one, even if it was released last year !!