good game with some bugs

User Rating: 6 | Universe at War: Earth Assault PC
-graphics are ok, nothing special, some effects are nice
-sound nothing special, not memorable
-you have 3 races, each of them have completely different units and buildings, the game allows you to create different strategy each time the game is played
-you have a techtree with 12 abilities but you can use only 6 of them
-3 races novus, hierarchy and masari

the novus are machines that have the ability to move extremely quickly allong the battlefield

the hierarchy are heavily armed walkers instead of stable buildings, therefore they are verly slow units

the masari can switch switch between a offense and defensive stile of play (light and dark side)

-of cours you can play skirmish and multiplayer, before you play campaign or after it
skirmish AI is goo but the best part of this game is the multilayer

although it tries to it fails to fill the starcraft 2 gap

over all: fun game that will have you occupide for some time and if you finish the single player campaign then there is some replay with the skirmish modes and online play