I bought this game on sale for 10 dollars, it wasn't worth it.

User Rating: 2.6 | Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure GC
I'm pretty much down to try any game I see interesting, and I'll probably buy it without renting if it's on sale. So when I went to blockbuster and NBA street and Universal Studios Park Adventure were both there for 10 dollars I picked them both up, It's easy to say which one I still play today. Even with the many different types of games, the game play is boring and too hard. This game play might have been okay for little kids, but it's far to hard to anyone who could appreciate it. The graphics are decent I suppose, a lot of people walking and they look pretty good. This is about the only good thing about the game. The music isn't memorable, the sound effects are okay but don't make up for anything. And this game isn't worth much. I'd probably pay 5 dollars for it to have at parties. Other then that, it isn't very fun.