3000AD "Smart"en up!!!! ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT HERE!

User Rating: 1.2 | Universal Combat PC
To any one that reads this, sorry about my spelling. it sucks, i know.

Hell, i have never seen a game like this one. It has HORRIBLE graphics for the time it was released. Gameplay is nearly impossible to completly understand. Even if i took the time to learn the controls and commands I would hate the game.

The texture on planets Including cities looks worse than Google Earth zoomed in all the way. Cities are Flat for Christ sake, with a couple of ugly buildings overlapping the flat picture city that they use.I wont even get started on the water. What in Hell were they thinking!! Although the space graphics arnt as bad as the ground,they still were the worst possible space graphic i have ever seen

The gameplay is just horrible. I had nightmares after playing this such bad gameplay. It cant get more Complicating as this. Ive been playing games since i was like 3-4 years old. Stuff like Doom or Alien 3(for Sega). Every game i ever played i was Godly at. I am a born gamer and this pease of work(or crap if you want) nearly made me put a bullet into my head. It would be easier to get Christopher Reeves to do the Hoky Poky than figure this game out.

Dont and i Repeat DONT get this game. Compared to this,Barbie would get a perfect 10. So when you see this game at a store, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, turn to the Barbie ile. I'm a straight boy and i would rather play with girl dolls than play this scifi,action,space game. Plz be careful with your money.