Another game by Derak Smart that beat's the competition in the area of AI adaptation and playfield arena

User Rating: 10 | Universal Combat PC
Looking for a game thats better than X2? Well... Universal Combat fills that slot, it may take awhile to get used to the game (about a week, yes you heard me) however reading the manual will be more than enough for you get into the game right away The grapihcs are better than most of the simulater games I've seen out there, gameplay is took notch. Sound is superb, along with everything else. Ship models are excellent, just what I would expect from Derek Smart. Who puts more time into his games than other developers I gave this game a 10 for some good reasons, one, onlike other games, this game has an AI system that, from what I've observed, adapts. Over time the enemy will use there cloaking system to attack you and it takes skill and good observation skills to notice where the enemy is. Same thing goes for pilots, its true, one simple fighter CAN bring down a mighty cruiser or carrier if your not careful. The capital ships PTA system may be useful, but there are blind spots that the enemy can and will exploit Overall, the game is better than BCMG. And focus's on content, you can explore nearly 21,000 different areas (hmm good for 9 whole months of fun if you take it slow and easy and take your time) Theres more to this game than what meets the eye, the campaign itself is challenging and should only be tried by those who have the confedence that they can get through the first mission without running out of reactor fuel (which, btw you only have a certain ammount at the beginning of the game. You have to buy the rest, which is easy as long as you can find a nice steady supply of income.. Like ooh I dunno - Mining! ;-) ) So far I've had no problems with this game, runs smooth on my system and have had no crashs. So, if your looking for a fun game then this is for you... that is of course if you don't mind READING the manual first, cause this is one game where you MUST do just that or else you'll be completely lost Just a heads up, its not displayed on the box but this game does require Vertex Shading. If you card supports it then your in bussiness ;-)