Unfabulous Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Level passwords

    Select continue form the main menu and enter these passwords to get to different stages of the game

    Effect Effect
    Ben, Geena, Addie, Brandywine "Addie's Dream"
    Geena, Zach, Zach, Brandywine "Wild Style Performance"
    Brandywine, Geena, Geena, Zach Addie discovers the punch is spiked
    Addie, Geena, Addie, Ben Addie gets into a dissagreement about the talent show
    Ben, Addie, Zach, Brandywine Addie plays with the Roundabouts
    Brandywine, Geena, Addie, Ben Addie prepairs for a party
    Brandywine, Zach, Brandywine, Geena Addie recieves the flyer for the talent show
    Brandywine, Addie, Addie, Zach Addie teams up with Cranberry and Maris
    Zach, Brandywine, Addie, Addie, End of the game
    Ben, Zach, Ben, Addie Mini Game
    Geena, Ben, Addie, Ben View the credits

    Contributed by: Arguro 

  2. Change Addie's Outfit

    Stand in front of Addie's wardrobe and press B. A password entry screen will appear and you can change Addie's outfit by entering the following paswords

    Effect Effect
    4B20C5 Outfit number 1
    N5J8HZ Outfit number 2
    Z16DB5 Outfit number 3
    M519FH Outfit number 4

    Contributed by: Arguro