for an arcade game, brilliant... if you didnt pay for it.

User Rating: 8 | Undertow X360
firstly, id like to say that this is an arcade game so i didn't expect much in the first place, but then XBLM announced it was going to be free so i said hell with it and downloaded it. here's what i think of it.

Gameplay - the "king of the hill" style of gameplay is engaging for a while until you've played the campaign through a few times but in the end just gets repetitive. the classes are unique for each along with the depth charges for each race but in the end they all do the same thing. the campaign is broken up a bit with a deathmatch type level and a siege level where once you've taken a specific point it blows up and you have permanently capped it.
Co-op (sub section) - adds a bit more fun into it as you can all go round and wipe out the bad AI enemy in a space of around 30 seconds but that also gets boring after a while.

Story - laughable but what do you expect from an arcade game?

online - not many people on it from what i can see but its pretty much a case of riptide match and wait at the bottom part for the glowing orb to show up.

achievements - (ive added this section to my reviews now as i dont think a game should have impossible achievements) easy to get and are got in time but the best thing is you get gamerpics from doing some of them. this is a big step as most proper games dont give you gamerpics from doing achievements which would be nice instead of having to be ripped off on XBL for them. so thumbs up for this game in that area.

overall - good arcade game with a good solid amount of re playability for it but not much in the multiplayer part. only worth it if you got it free or having ridiculous amounts of MS points to spend but not worth the 800 MS points. 400 maybe but not 800.