User Rating: 5.5 | Undertow X360
At a first glance Undertow looks like it could hide a magical gameplay touch, it has a refreshing setting, underwater, it also throws in good graphics, some nice explosion effects and an easy control mechanic. However you can't help but feel.... bored. The game just never feels like you are aiming for something, instead you waste hours shooting the same AI that are really no challenge and quite thick. you are either shooting or capturing bases. Thats about as far as that goes.
Storywise, some garbage about underwater pirates and how you have to stop them.

Online features a Co-op mode for which you and a friend can blast through the action, but its the same boring mechanic as you have seen previously.

Undertow could have been an addictive shooter like Geometry Wars, instead it just rots in your hands.
Its not a terrible game, just really repetitive and boring.