Boring, Waste of money. Save your bucks.

User Rating: 1 | Undead Knights PSP
Quite possibly the worst RPG for the PSP to come out in the past year or so.

After 10 minutes you realize that this game is horrible. Graphics are bad and cheap. Soundtrack is crappy.

I picked it up hoping it would be good. What a mistake. Save your money and buy something else. This one is pure garbage.

Do yourself a fav and download the demo and you'll see this game SUCKS.

The gameplay is overly simplistic, although the only cool part is creating your army of zombies (which is a take off of Diablo 2 - so there is no originality here).

Soundtrack is nothing but rash metal rock. You can't even hear what they're trying to "sing" and becomes annoying in about 2 minutes.

Its too bad the title made the game sound much more interesting than it really is.

Please - download the demo before you plop down $40 for it. You'll end up regretting it like I did. Off to GameStop to sell this one.