Ehhhh Not what it could have been

User Rating: 5.5 | Undead Knights PSP
Gameplay: This game was fun at first...Running around, turning people into zombies, and commanding those zombies to kill other people. But the more i played it, the quicker i got bored of the game. The game's Drawbacks are the fact that it plays like the older dynasty warriors, You only have 3 people to choose from, The Game gets VERY Repetitive. You do the same thing Over and Over again. AI could have been more. Enemies just does one type of attack, from just Charging you with a lance, to Just swinging a giant hammer around.

Music: Lets put it this way...The music was better with it on mute. It was very annoying to say the least. The same song would play over and over and over. It sounded garbled because i guess the type of music was speed metal or something, but the music could have been way better than it was now.