Undead Knights is a great zombie portable game and if u want to be evil pick this game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Undead Knights PSP
Undead knights is a very good game for psp who want to command and army of zombies.the story is about 3 knights who where betrayed and now they want revenge with their new undead power,with the ability to turn humans into zombies and make them at ur sides.u have 3 characters to select, two mens and one woman which her weapon is a reaper sycthe.the story is preety deep with like 20 chapter do to with easy normal and then u can unlock the hell difficult whicj is pretty challange.u can customize ur players before u go on a rampage.u can customize ur player health, learn new attacks, transform faster the zombies and many more for each character.the graphics are good for the psp but not that great either.u can replay all chapter when u want for earning dark energy which is required for upgrading ur characters.the game will keep u busy beacuse its got achievments to unlock similar to ps3 trophies for example

if u want to trasform humans in zombies and crush a kingdom for revenge go and buy this game!!