A very good bloody game.you can let your zombies eat your cousins now.

User Rating: 8.5 | Undead Knights PSP
a very bloody hell good game for me.i mean they got what I've been looking for.i never thought this would be here.all and all.

but to be honest first I've seen this in a game magazine.my first impression is like "bah this is not going to be a buy or something.but i tried it once it was out,and there it is never seen coming really good game.

the game play is smoothly flourished by its own goody sickness.i mean this will let you make your enemies your comrades by transforming them into a zombies.then you can order them to feast on their ex comrades,others can crash some army defenses and all,and some weird part is you can also order them be your bridge to get through a broken road or something.the sideline is like a dynasty warriors alike and its great.

and so you can play as on three different characters.one is like a muscle man (demon actually) with a big bastard sword , and one is a kawaii lady wielding a scythe , and the other one is holding this two swords and pretty fast. three of them can make their own army of ten as maximum and manipulate them just to seek revenge to humans that invade their kingdom or maybe something like there is a treachery something like that and you know what,at first you'll be confuse why is your side is on dark side,but once you know some of their story.,maybe you'll make up your mind and decided to eat those bastards till they have no more left to their body.its yours to know why is it like that.and yeah i forgot the sound here is great.a pure hardcore metal goodness its really soothing sound like. ha ha! like it.

so the bottom line is this is a buy.not like a must but i mean is this is really a good game not for kids and is suitable for all those who seek gruesome game.this is the one your looking for,a good shot for the psp.