it looks really good. i think it is the best zombie game on the psp. the game is very addictive. you cant put it down.

User Rating: 9 | Undead Knights PSP
i first seen this game as a demo on the pss. i downloaded it as soon as i saw it. when i played it, i thought it was really good. the difficulty was fairly difficult. the bgm was awesome. GO METAL!!!!!!!!!! you control your enemies and use them as your weapons. this game by far has to be the best zombie game on the psp. the one weird thing is is that you have one huge black armored guy with a huge black and red sword. and you also have a human guy with two small swords and a human girl with a scythe. kind of a weird pick of characters. another good thing is that you can customize the characters. the graphics look good, the game seems to take a while to complete, and the multiplayer seems really good. the funniest thing is one of the multiplayer games. it is like a zombie pillow fight. you pick up a zombie and throw them at the other people.