Undead Knight just plain fun while slashing your weapon around and make your zombie army, interesting ?

User Rating: 7 | Undead Knights PSP
First time with trailer released that snap my eyes on it with deadly knight, created zombies, arrogant king and story behind but game play not more than anything but slashing your sword around with infinite enemy just like Dynasty Warrior series with brand new function in this game that you can turn your enemy to zombie and create your army with your power is good fun. More interesting is you can control you zombie to perform easy task such as to tear enemy apart, destroy obstruction and sometime you have to call out your zombie with specific amount to pass through gate or trap by perform easy command button. Game still have upgrade system to buy new ability and upgrade you power, It's a little choice to be upgrade but with 3 characters that should keep your busy for a while. Enemy have a bad AI while i stand around sometime they not attack but many type of enemy that keep you busy to try to find his weakness that's good and boss fighting is fun and great looking but with bad camera that make you difficult to fight. I can't say this game is a brand new but slashing style, interesting story , best function and with average graphics that should be worth to try.

- created your own zombies is fun.
- interesting story.
- many different enemy keep you fun to fight with.
- great boss looking.

- Bad camera.
- sometime different enemy that make your hard time.
- annoying sound effect.
- 3 characters make no different.