Some people will like it more than others

User Rating: 6.5 | Undead Knights PSP
+ Impressive cut scenes
+ Interesting opening story
+ Relatively atmospheric

- Combat can get repetetive sometimes
- Music is utter rubbish!

So, Undead Knights is a game in which your given zombie like powers to go against the monarchy who destroyed your guild hundreds of years ago.

It's level based, each stage gets harder and harder, you get points to upgrade your character, unlock new moves and become stronger.

Your given a choice of 3 characters to play as, each has their own unique style, a heavy warrior, a light swordsman or a balance of both with a scythe weilding female- this does add variety to combat if the game wasn't so hard!

If you want to avoid repeating levels then you've really got to stick to one character, which is a shame because some enemies in particular are hard to beat.

In combat your given several moves, you can convert people to zombies, this takes longer than it does to kill them, but it's worth it.

You can pick up one of your zombies and then throw them or sacrafice them to do heavy damage.

You can also order them all to focus on attacking one opponent, which is horribly bloody but helps a lot, there's also many weapon combo's to learn and experiment with.

So depending on how you choose to play will decide how bored you get of the combat.

That's about is really, one more thing, the music is terrible, it's some VERY repetetive metal which just loops over and over again.. it's not unbeareble but some would prefer to mute it.

Overall- if your looking for an alternative and bloody game which manages to entertain and shockingly fun game then pick it up.