While having an army of undead may have you pleased, Undead Knights fails in make the depth of a great game.

User Rating: 7 | Undead Knights PSP
While many people agrees that only the Warrior's series(Dynasty, Samurai and Orochi) were the only hack'n slash that could pack a nice punch around, Undead Knights came for PSP and brings somehow nice experience on the portable. Let's see:

Graphics 7/10: While you have a nice main characters models with everything that an "Dark Lord Wannabe" would like to have in you grasp, you can see many frustratting stuff in your surrondings. Many of the battlefield are nothin more but corridors with generic textures of rocks (being a castle or an wilderness). Your minions, despite their different "origins" still looks the same, and well....they are the same, perhaps differ from colors from one to another, yet since they change stances and attacks as they get their limbs removed still impress in the animations wich are all well designed(If Zombies exist they must behave as this game shows). The enemies lacks models as well, despite have some nice textures, they look extremely generic and as I said before (saving for the Big ones) doesn't matter who you convert into zombie, they all will look alike, you also make a feast of blood everytime you attack or send a minion into a killing rampage giving the enviroment and Gothic/Satanic atmosphere and really merges you in a warped middle ages in a kind of sense, but as stated before, the game recicles the reasonable numbers of scenarios. And also there's no lip-sync in the game, the characters speaks without moving the mouth what can be frustrating see the content of the dialogs. If you could avoid paying attention to such details, the game will flow nice.

Sound 8/10: The game uses and abuses from a Heavy Metal hit as main background music, wich gives incredible sense of speed in the game, as must be target by the producers, however few songs are included in the game and since you will be more concerned in killing/warping you opponents, most likely you won't take notice about this at all. The character voices are well made, with enemied cursing you very existence from the moment they spot you, even if the dialogues aren't that nicely done(It tries some dark humor on some parts, but the game itself doesn't make this carry on), and as told before the lack of lip-sync flaws the experience (albeit not be the most important feature at all), it's satisfying to see how the feeling of speed provided by these elements makes you plunge deeper in the carnage during he journey.

Gameplay 6/10: As said before, the games uses an improved formula of Hack n' Slash just like the warriors series(You slaughter countless enemies throught the level), but with a more strategic touch, and "strategic" means comanding and platoon of undead for doing your bidding. You must cripple enemies in order to convert them (and also for sustaining/recovering your health) into fearless(and also brainless) zombies that will follow you during the incoming battles. The nice point is that your new slaves have many funcionaties, serving from battering rams to "undead bridges", the problem is that you can only do this in specific places and conditions and the in-game tutorial makes clear when and where to use giving little space for imagination. Also you have a limited amount of minions and if you rush too much foward from them you will lose them and make them disappear before your eyes, not to mention that since (again, despite the big ones) all the conversions leads to the same kind of undead, you feel that yo are more an overseer than an warlord itself. As you progresses your in game score of achievements are recorded and gives you dark energy(that you use for upgrading your character giving new powers and rising abilities), but the game because of that becames too easy on some spots or too dificult on anotherwithout progression and balance during gameplay. You eventually faces some bosses that really can be difficult IF you do not regenerate from corrupting the waves of their assistants that came from nowhere. All the characters have different traits however upgrading them from a repetitive action can be somehow difficult test for the players willpower. I coudn't test the multiplayer so i cannot state about it's modes.

Replay 6.5/10: With a linear(and somewhat humorous story) but no content other than character upgrades but engulfed in a sensless yet fun beating game, Undead Knights might please your violence apetite if you are looking for a fair bloodshed with zombies, but after 6-8 hours you may finish the game without rush and if you try again with an upgraded character it should take even less time, what can be frustrating or worthing it...grows on the player for sure.

Overall 7/10: Undead Knights came with a great promise, and ended being a fair game with an shallow gameplay and somewhat repetitive structure for casual non killing players. However, if you enjoy senseless killing, an "funny" story and of course zombies this really worth a shot, just don't be too much harsh on it.