This game really utilizes the Vita's features well.

User Rating: 8.5 | Uncharted: Chizu no Bouken no Hajimari VITA
I've only ever played one Uncharted game before this (Uncharted 3), and I never really got into it. This game, however, completely changed my mind about the series. Golden Abyss does a wonderful job of dropping you into the Uncharted universe with all of the features you would expect in the full console version. What I love most about the game is the use of the Vita's features. Whether it is using the touchscreen to draw a path for climbing, using the motion sensor to aim your gun or camera, or using the rear touchpad to climb a rope, this game really uses the Vita to it's full potential. By far the coolest aspect comes when you have to hold the rear camera up to a bright light to help uncover a clue on a piece of parchment. The developers did an excellent job with this title, and I hope other developers continue to use all of the features on the Vita.