Uncharted Drakes Fortune Makes Lara Croft Look Ancient

User Rating: 10 | Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3
Uncharted makes Lara Croft look ancient. Uncharted is about a treasure hunter named Drake. Drake is Out there to look for something that belonged to the Legendary Sir Frances Drake, whom circumnavigated the world. Drake is not alone, however, with his friends Sulley and Elona as his sidekick. With friends Drake takes to a deserted island - or at least they think its deserted, in the search to find out what really happended to Sir Frances Drake.

This game is filled with puzzles, shoot outs, and a hell of a lot of climbing and clambering. If you are the type of game player that loves a bit of everything then this games the definite one for you. You will love from the moment its starts to the moments that it ends.

There is one great advantage to this game. When you begin the game after the one load from the main menu, you will find that there is no loading during the game at all. This makes the game feel more to life than any other adventure game out there today!!!!

Uncharted 2 is now out and is as amazing as the first Uncharted game, but maybe slightly better. For more information see my review.