This is good but it could have been better

User Rating: 8.5 | Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3
So to start out with I am a huge uncharted fan I gave uncharted 2 a 10/10 but this game just isn't
even close as good. First off is the length it is 22 chapters long and each chapter takes about 30 minutes to beat so it could have been a tiny bit longer, and then there is the controls the combat is seamless but doing stuff like throwing a grenade is a little bit harder then it needed to be, Next are the graphics they are very good for the age of this game, The story line is pretty good. Other things are annoying like the fact that you have to fight zombies for about 3 chapters which is way to hard even if you have it set to the easiest difficulty level so if you don't like using bad old german world war 2 guns to fight fast moving zombies in dark underground corridors that are only lit by red flashing lights then this game is not for you. But on bright side the zombies are only in the game for about 3 levels and all the rest is very fun and enjoyable and there is tons of trophies and there is a good replay value.
so to recap

length 7/10
controls 7/10
Graphics 8/10
story 9/10
trophies 9/10
gameplay 8.5/10
replay value 8/10