User Rating: 10 | Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PS3

Uncharted 3 has been out for a while now though people didn't know if Uncharted 3 could live up to Uncharted 2's greatness. I found it to live up to the hype and better than I imagined. Even better than Uncharted 2 amazing, that's saying a lot. Is Uncharted 3 perfect no, but is it it still better than everything on the market even for today. That is saying a lot. Let's start up with with the presentation. It is still debatable that it is the best looking PS3 game. Okay more like 2nd best to ND's newer masterpiece the Last of Us, Which isn't that much better looking but is. so yeah it's gorgeous. So music 1 word. Incredible, a masterclass in the arts I recommend buying the soundtrack or at least listening to it. Voice Acting is topnotch with in my opinion the best performance in video game Nolan North as good old Nathan Drake. Though they are all great and top of the industry quality. So overall Presentation is a 10/10. Lets get to design. Great level design. Perfect combination of platforming, shooting, and puzzles. Though still at the end their is a tad bit to much shooting though overall design is a 10/10. So what about Gameplay. The fun part. Much better shooting, and even better setpieces and even better platforming this amazingly fun game gameplay is a 10/10. Let's get to story. Ahh the story the much improved story from the quite awesome story from Uncharted 2. It follows Sully and Nate more and also Much better villains Marlowe and Talbot. Though I still like Flynn more than Talbot. It is much more deep than Uncharted 2. I would give the story a 10/10.

Sooooooo let's recap

Presentation: 10/10

Design: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Story: 10/10

So overall 10/10 buy the game. It's 5 dollars for standard at Gamestop or EB games. Also 7 for the GOTY edition. Or if you don't have a PS3 either get the Slim 320 gig standard Uncharted 3 bundle for 300 dollars. or super slim 1 year ps plus and goty Uncharted 3 for 250 dollars.

My final thoughts:

This is my favorite PS3 game my goty 2011 And my Game of the generation. Though most of all my favorite game OF ALL TIME. Though I hope you at least try it and hold it at at least at a 9/10

Thanks for reading (If you did) and this is TempyStormy signing out.

And sorry for poor grammar at the end I got lazy. XD