a decent game on its own but not the best in the series.

User Rating: 7 | Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception PS3

uncharted 3 Drake's Deception continues one of the most prestigious exclusive series on the PlayStation 3 system. right from the start of the game you will enjoy seeing old familiar faces being drug into a bar fight that sets up the main story. Which is a notebook and a map showing Francis Drake's secret voyage to Arabia, where he was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I to search for the lost city of Ubar. moving on to the actual review to avoid any spoilers.

The Good things

+ Graphics (they are still very pretty with plenty of colorful environments and set pieces of the story. even if you compare it to the newer systems it still looks really good. The character models and Maine locations you visit are very nice looking)

+ Gameplay (the gameplay remains very untouched despise a few tweaks to the melee system which just really encourages it a little bit more than usual and can create some pretty cool moments. But still a good amount of weapons to have fun with and the third person shooting is still good. the gameplay itself really shines the brightest with the puzzles you will encounter some of them will take time to figure them out which can be a nice reward to have that feeling of solving a puzzle that took you a few minutes to understand.)

the Bad things

= too many bad guys ( this is kind of weird to have this be a problem in the series at this point but it seems like there were way too many bad guys in a lot of places. you get into a shootout after killing three or four guys probably about six or seven more jump out of nowhere it can be frustrating and sometimes ends up making cinematic set pieces last so long they warm out their welcome. I've never had this problem with other games but there were moments that I just wanted to enjoy the story and have the feeling of watching cinematic experience that I'm in control. Just too many enemies just became frustrating and repetitive.)

= Awesome cinematic moments turned to frustrating moments ( this also has a small connection with too many enemies. But there are some pretty cool moments that are definitely more cinematic on the line of games like call of duty or Max Payne. But these moments I felt were very short-lived for example you on a massive boat in middle of a hailstorm tidal waves crashing against the boat it turns upside down you have to crawl through rooms upside down trying to figure you way out. Sounds cool until you run into a bunch of enemies for couple of shotguns and high powerful weapons that turns into frustration and multiple deaths due to the fact they won't stop coming in to you kill like 20 of them. there were also moments when I died I would respond in weird locations only to die within a few minutes if I don't act fast enough.)

= disappointing online (I was a incredibly big fan of uncharted 2's online mode it was very simple but very addictive. this online felt like they tried too hard to make it into something they are too many parks and abilities that are not balanced out. And it felt like it was too big so it kind of missed what made it fun and simple.)

!overall uncharted 3 is a decent game in a amazing franchise it delivers a pretty good story and some fun moments. But compared to the other ones this one could be passed it's not a must play if you are a hard-core fan!