This time, they did it right

User Rating: 10 | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3
I didn't have a very good experience with the first Uncharted game. I thought that the controls were flawed, the aiming was not very swift, the camera sometimes got in my way, the fighting system was not very intuitive, the puzzles were pretty good, though not really challenging. But the story was nice, even though it wasn't innovative. It took me a very long while to change my mind regarding giving the second game a try. I'm very, very pleased to say that I didn't not regret my decision for a single instant.

In Uncharted 2 you once again control the adventurer Nathan Drake, who wakes up seriously hurt and inside the wrecks of a train, amid the cold weather of Nepal. You don't know how the hell he ended up like that and you don't know what you're looking for. The story progresses in flashbacks, from the point where the adventure begin until that point of the game, and that was definitely one excellent way to grab one's attention. You just WANT to know what happened in the story. You will see some old characters again... and, obviously, brand new ones.

Right in the beginning you can see how much improvement was made in the games controls. The aiming system seems a lot smoother than its predecessor. Same thing with the fighting system. Well, you still have to pay attention to the timing of the hits, but now it gets a lot easier to get it right. Additionally, certain features were added to improve the stealth gameplay. You will still find an enormous horde of enemies, but in most of times you will be able to choose whether to take them down one by one, just by sneaking behind them or you can just barge in and shoot them all down from a distance (which may not always be the right decision). Unlike games like Assassin's Creed and Batman Arkham series, once you drew an enemy's attention, you can no longer go back to stealth mode and the only way to kill the enemies will be by making a shootdown, so you'll want to be careful in these aspects.

Another cool feature is that in certain parts of the game you will be able to control tanks and machine guns from giant vehicles. You could already do that in the first game, but in Uncharted 2 the experience is slightly different. You won't use those weapons just to take down a couple of soldiers.

The puzzles are still like the good old ones. They're not exactly defying (in fact, they are pretty plain and most of them are easy to solve), but still quite fun. The story mode is short, but you can always go for a new gameplay in a higher difficulty. The trophies are pretty much the same as Drake's Fortune.

If I didn't recommend the first Uncharted game, I'll definitely recommend this one. It has everything that the first game didn't have.