What a ride!! This game really picks up the pace from the first game. Well done Sony & Naughty Dog.

User Rating: 8.5 | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3
Just completed Uncharted 2. I must say it was a lot more enjoyable than the first game. Loved the snowy mountains of Asia, a great change from the first game of jungles. This game was very well written and I found myself enjoying much of the dialog in the game. I laughed out loud a few times lol. The game play still remains the same from the first game, platforming, shooting, puzzles and treasure hunting. All up their game this time around except for the puzzles which are still fairly easy. The shooting part of the game is way more fare this time & it doesn't take forever to kill one enemy. The game features a lot of different enemy types and weapons that are really fun to use, of course you have your foot soldiers and special ops mercenaries, but you also have heavy armored giants, helicopters, tanks & mutated snow beast to fight in this game. The story picks up some time after the first game. Some characters from the first game return for this game., but this time around you start the game from the middle of the main story. Nathan Drake is stranded on a wrecked train, after the first act it goes to the beginning of the story where Nathan is asked for help by two old friends to help them break into a museum to steal a lamp. The very contents of this lamp will lead them to various locations in south Asia looking for a mysterious stone and a lost city. Its fun adventure, too bad the game is a linear game because once you reach certain parts of the story you can not go back to treasure hunt. The treasures of this game are very well hidden. Sometimes you even have to shoot treasure down that are stuck in the ceiling, that how well hidden they are. The makers of the game were very creative with the plat forming and there were many OMG Holy Shit moments to enjoy. I will be starting on Uncharted 3 very soon & so far of the first two game this one is the best adventure yet.