So far this one is the best.

User Rating: 10 | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3
As my title says, this game is the best in the series and it just pulls you in and it's a roller coaster ride to the end. The ins and outs of characters in the story are fabulous, the puzzles are well done and intuitive, the objectives are clear and you are never really lost trying to figure out where you are, the difficulty of the game is just right, the only complaint I might have with the game was that the final boss was a serious pain to beat, I spent far more time on that than anything else in the game. All of the improvements to the original game were great and well thought out. The story line is fantastic and keeps pulling you into the action, more than once on a Friday or Saturday night, I found myself staring at a 5:00am bedtime, I would also wake up early to play this one before work. Very addictive game with the perfect balance of game play and story line. I was also very happy Beta testing the online version before 3 came out, it was a great foray into the online world and really tied together nicely with the story part of the game. It was a good fun even though I usually get my ass handed to me in first person group settings.

Overall, the best game I have played, if is wasn't for a few glitches in Skyrim, it would hold the #2 slot, but Naughty Dog's execution was pretty flawless.