Gamers beware...!!!

User Rating: 3 | Unbound Saga PSP
Graphics: 4.5

Surprisingly the graphics is a little good in the game. What really lacks is the finesse of the actual series. A pre 3D engine with no appeal is a big low down in this game. Additionally the a primitive system of visual will make our beloved handheld a crash if this will be introduced widely.

Sounds: 2.0

Too much repitative sounds with no compelling appeal that makes you wonder of why the stone ages are still in this game. The proper introduction of sound at the beginning is quite appeling but it makes no sense after the next 5 minutes.

Gameplay: 4.0

It introduces us at the world comics and the actual script is being done ny the player itself. Unfortunately there is actually no innovation in the gameplay. It makes the game lame to somewhat irrelevant to actual gamers. Will there be a sequel? i wish not.


- If your fun with beat em up action games then this game will be a replacement.
- Moves for the characters to upgrade makes this game a little worthwhile.


- Gameplay makes this game really speaks out to itself. From Bad to worst.
- Repitative gameplay that will let you think of some future renovation of the series. A complete overhaul is a must.
- Very boring Gamplay... nuff said.


- Don't let the title fool you. It is just another "beat em up we've been there boring game"
- Rent it or look for your local store for a bargain after a month.