Spidey is back once again with suprisingly improved gameplay and graphics.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ultimate Spider-Man PC
First of all i feell bad for finding about this game so late(and i think alot of people didnt know about this game till few years ago)which is very odd because the game is really good,it is based on Ultimate Spider-man comic which is why piter parker looks different.
U get to play as Spider-man and Venom ( u change character in missions).

Graphics are Awesome,it really gives the comic look,textures are done awesome character shading is really good.U have the chance to swing true completly 3-D New York which looks amazing.

Gameplay:Now the gameplay really advanced from the previous spider-man games,first off u will not be shooting your web in the sky like in the previous games,this time u can only swing when there are buildings around u and u can clearly see the web attached to the wall.Fighting is great,u can combine web shoting and melle in the fight,u get more combos as u progress the game.The animations and cut scenes look pretty good,and Spidey still has his humor.

So in the end,i highly recomend this game,for Spider man fans it is a "Must have",it is fun and not so easy game that will keep u ocupied for hours. :)