Great, fun game for die-hard Web heads like myself, and also a fun game for super hero gamers in general.

User Rating: 8.5 | Ultimate Spider-Man PS2
This game is very fun and interesting to play. It is, I think, along with Web of shadows, the best Spiderman game ever made, and possibly one of the best superhero games ever. Most of the levels are fun to play, but some can be very hard, one level in particular may take quit a few tries! But, surely, the great bonus materials included in the game make up for any of that. The bonus "costumes" let you, after you unlock them, dress in different skins like, Peter Parker and Symbiot Spidey, and there's also great concept art from the game to look at. And something else that's great about this game is its done in a unique comic book style and there's free play whenever you want, wherever you want, like Times square, familiar land marks from the comic books, and Peter's neighborhood in Queens. This game also has great game play, graphics and challenges around the city. Challenges you can occupy yourself with over and over, and keep trying to get the highest score. Ultimately, I recommend this game, for Spiderman fans and die hard gamers alike!