Any fan,especially hardcore fan of Marvel comics or spidey should buy this game. Still good for non-fans.

User Rating: 10 | Ultimate Spider-Man PC
i love this game,the best thing about it is the web swinging, it's awesome because you don't hold/press a button to web swing,you have full control over the web swinging,you can actually turn with the web instead of it being like sticks that stick to the sky (i mean to say that's how it's like in spider-man ps1 games and spider-man the movie game) but in this game it actually acts like real web. first of all it's actually more like spider-man's actual web rather than sticks sticking to the sky,second it sticks to the building's,not to the sky which is almost the games only realistic part even though it's completely unrealistic that you play as a man which has the powers of a spider and has unrealistic villains. And third after you let go of you swing of your first web you can still see it attached to the building instead of it disappearing (when you hold the button for web swinging you hold on to your web instead of automatically web swinging so to web swing hold forward for this all the time, that is run
jump and press and hold the web swinging button and time the part
where you let go right and let go of the button and repeat that (i mean
the part where you press and hold the button...) it sounds hard but it
is easy,very very easy. The game let's you free-roam around the city
which is very cool and you can play as venom after you beat the game
and you can only do his races and free-roam,you cant play his part
in this games story line. it's pretty addictive so i give it a score of 10.
Looks like this spider-man game hit the jackpot.