All Mortal Kombat Fans should have this!

User Rating: 9 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
No matter what age of mortal kombat you like (Old School to Fresh Games) You MUST have this. It is easily the best in the seris of the first 5.

Starting off, this games started the next-gen graphics for MK. The characters are Pixled instead of hand drawn like the originals. Next the Backgrounds use a 3D engine instead of Pixels. The effects are obviolsy better than MK2-1.

The next best thing about it, Charcaters. This game started a new line of characters for future games. But it still kept the originals. (mostly.) These include Reptile,Sub-Zero (2 Forms),Lau Kang, and Scorpion. But with 24 characters to choose from, there is no chance you won't have a favorite (mine Scorpion :P)

Continuing from the characters is their moves. UMK3 started the line of new moves such as More Fatalities, Animalities, and Combos. In the new game also came the Run button. This allows you to immerse new combos and increase damage and speed.

Although the bosses are extremly tough to beat the 2 on 2 or 8-Player Tornament is also fun. Even when beat it is exicting to watch the deadly Brutalities Be pummled on you :D

Overall this game is exellent and Should be in your collection!