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User Rating: 8 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
Here's another of acclaim's greatest successes in history of games!
Ultimate MK 3 is definetelly the best in the MK series...
After the hot success of MK 2 here it comes this MK with plenty of new characters to choose, new powerful combos and the new finisher moves such as Babalities, Animalities, Brutalities.

You can play either vs cpu, 2 player and tournaments!
This is so excitement that shakes you to the bone...think only that
you can choose up to 10 characters like Scorpion,Classic Sub-zero,Reptile,Cyrax,Jax and some new ones like Noob Saibot, Rain, Ermac, Sektor and more...

The graphics are what it needs to be the best MK game ever, the music is totally atmospheric with the gameplay and the climax goes up!

You put make special moves, combos and new finishers.
This game makes my blood boiling everytime i play it, it has all the goods of a hot fighting game.
The only roadblock that may disturb you a bit is that you will need a 6 button or arcade controller to enjoy your combo moves,fatalities and specials, cause of the common 3 button version genesis controller will not help you at doing those, so you'll definetelly need an arcade controller or 6 button one.

Anywise this game trully shocks your bones!
You should get this if you got Genesis or Snes.