OK version of one of the most epic old school games ever made

User Rating: 10 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
MK3 is without a doubt the best title in the MK series, and still holds up really well to this day. However, the xbox version has some serious flaws - none of the character bios, or even the story text made it into this game. All of the original backgrounds and music that made mk3 so great are pretty much gone (the stage cycle never gets to them) and are replaced by 4 new lame stages. As usual, the xbox dpad makes it nearly impossible to pull off certain moves and fatalities, and the difficulty levels are meaningless. Forget halo 3 on mythic or COD on veteran, the AI in this game is so insane it basically ruins the single player aspect. Even on the novice level, the AI predicts your every move and doesnt let you land a hit, but the online is by far the best feature. Pretty much the most epic game ever