Frustrating, hard to play even when I played the Arcade version many years

User Rating: 5.5 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
I have played this game on my xbox 360 for a couple of weeks and I can't finish it even in the easier modes ! And I'm not a newbie on the fighting games, the AI is simply impossible to beat, I can't think ok I bought this game on xbox live arcade and I can't enjoy it.
No trainning mode at all, and no options than the arcade mode and that is it, come on Midway, what happened to you? this is like the Gameboy version of MK, impossible to play, I'm NOT buying another MK version whatsoever again.

I've played titles like Street Fighter HF on my xbox 360 and is less dissapointing that this one.

Suffices to say that you can't find anybody to play online, and invite a friend to buy this title would be embarrasing, dont want someone else to waste their money with this.

I'll try to get the demo version first and avoid any 'Arcade' feelings away.