The complete version of Mortal Kombat 3.

User Rating: 9.5 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SAT
Ultimate MK3 was a very enjoyable fighting game many years ago at the arcades and on the SEGA Saturn.

Ultimate MK3 brought back some old favorite characters such as Scorpion,Kitana,Mileena and introduced new characters.The game feels fun and playable.The combos are easy to do(done by pressing button combinations without requiring and joystick movements or only requiring minimal joystick movements).I like how the battles are fast paced and I like the special moves such as freezing your opponent or spearing them with a harpoon or doing a teleport punch and then following it with a harpoon and combo.

There's other features I like such as how you'll see an axe be part of Scorpion's combos.I like the ability of the new character named Jade who can make herself invulnerable to projectile attacks and she can unleash a combo on you by using this ability right after you shoot a projectile.Stryker can shoot his gun during combat now.Jade,Kitana and Mileena use a staff weapon during some of their combos too.

I like how the endurance modes return in this game and you can take on 3 CPU opponents with just one character and it makes things intense and you'll see a lot of fast paced fighting.

The new environments are more interesting,such as in the desert you'll see Cyrax trapped in quicksand and you can fight in Hell itself and knock your opponent into either a firey lake or lava.The enviornment besides the water looks pretty.

You'll hear some of the music from the MK movie too and it makes the game feel bad***.

I think this game is better than MK Trilogy because it doesn't have the cheap AI.This was one of my favorite fighting games many years ago.